(The beer formerly known as) Red Kite


The Red Kite is an elegant bird of prey, easily recognised by its reddish brown colour and forked tail. With strength, depth of colour and elegance to match, this ale combines toffee and biscuit flavours with a peachy hop finish that is slow to build but long-lasting.

After becoming almost extinct in the UK, the Red Kite was re-introduced in the 1990s and there are now thousands of breeding pairs. Coincidentally, there are now also lots of beers called Red Kite - which led us to consider changing the name of this beer. Shortly after we moved to our new brewery in Earith the musician Prince sadly died - so the beer was re-named to become our tribute.

Well balanced with four different malts and a long, strong hop finish, bursting with tropical fruit flavours from the gratuitous overuse of hops

Tasting notes:



Ruby / deep amber


Centennial, Mosaic, Cascade, Galaxy


Gluten from malted barley